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Baynashev LTD is an importer of bucket teeth, adapters, loader teeth and blades for excavators and loaders. The company deliver blades manufactured with requested length and drilling. Manufacturing of buckets for excavators and loaders.

Baynashev LTD prepares offers for participation in procedures under the Public Procurement Act, as well as preparation of Payment Application of the construction work according to the Contractual requirements, including FIDIC Contracts.

Preparation of all necessary tender documents, ESPD (European Single Procurement Document), Gant Charts, price analysis for construction unit, cost planning, Bill of Quantity, Quantified schedule of rates.

We offer drafting of Bill of Quantities, as the quantities can be extracted both from paper, as well as from AutoCAD or PDF drawings.

Baynashev LTD offers in the execution of the construction works preparation of Interim Payment Certificates and Final Payment Certificates, preparation of all necessary protocols under Regulation № 3/ 2003, Bill of Quantity, Quantified schedule of rates, updating of Gant Charts (if it’s necessary). Making drawings of AutoCAD by specified dimensions. Our highly-educated, experienced, and professional drafting team offers drafting services on CAD.

Customers have the opportunity to use Subscription services when executing the construction work on the site.